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Subject: [security-services] Clearer draft of versioning proposals

I got more feedback than I expected (mostly from outside the TC), and had enough in my head to go ahead and just churn this out
again. I think this is a better read and much clearer on some of the underlying issues, so better now than later.

I consider the new AI I took to try and summarize the high points fulfilled with this. The new section 2 in particular is where I
think people should find points of disagreement so that consensus on what the TC wants to do can be reached.

If I have time before the next meeting, I may be able to toss out some formal proposal on what the 1.1 spec should do, but in terms
of laying out options, my formula is laid out to some extent in this draft.

In rough terms, I think:

- the spec version would be 1.1 (obviously)
- the Major/Minor message version should go to 1.1
- the schemas should stay at 1.0
- the new Query type I proposed can be added to the 1.0 protocols namespace since it's a new profile that will be correctly tossed
out by any existing Request handler, just like a third party extension would
- ID attributes can't be added without a namespace change, something I'd rather not do as long as we plan to work on 2.0 promptly

Alternatives? I guess the obvious is to assume that every new spec rev gets a new self-evidently named set of namespaces, and the
Major/Minor values just mirror this. The school of thought would be that namespace change is just something you deal with in your
code, and that new spec messages should always break older implementations by design.

We would add ID attributes in that case, or perhaps just further derive the SAML ID type for assertions/etc to be of ID type instead
of string.

-- Scott


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