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Subject: RE: [security-services] AI-37 DSig Core change proposal

> Just to be really clear about the expectations for the new ID 
> attributes, should they be literally named "ID" and have the xsd:ID 
> type?

I wasn't sure, but it's easy to change the text, of course. I would vote for either id or ID but not Id (or iD ;-)

> (We already have AssertionID etc. attributes.)  And do we have a 
> strategy of record for what to do in SAML V2.0 with all they ID 
> attributes?  Are we going to keep both sets, or merge the xsd:ID types 
> onto the original attributes and get rid of the new ones, or...?

I don't think anything was decided on that. I'd personally be ok with merging them, but some implementations may want the freedom to
use numbers for AssertionID which would be invalid as XML IDs.

-- Scott

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