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Subject: Re: [security-services] SAML extensions example

Hmm, yeah.  I was hoping that they would just be illustrative of the 
mechanics of how you extend SAML types to do your own thing, and looking 
at XTAML at this point would probably just be confusing.  Do you think 
Liberty would serve all right in this capacity?


Scott Cantor wrote:
>>that it's not really the best example.  An obvious candidate for an 
>>updated example is Liberty.  Does anyone mind if I switch to 
>>that?  Or do you have other suggestions?  Thanks--
> Just be aware that Liberty extends in some ways that go beyond what the document really tries to communicate (and a healthy number
> of the original extensions were, ummm, ID attribute-motivated...)
> -- Scott

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Sun Microsystems                            cell +1 781 354 9441
Web Technologies and Standards               eve.maler @ sun.com

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