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Subject: RE: [security-services] Just checked the schema files against the spec snippets...

Rob wrote:
> > 4.    In the spec snippet for the AuthorizationDecisionQueryType
> > definition, the ref="saml:Evidence" element has a maxOccurs attribute
> > set to "1".  The 1.1 schema file does NOT have a maxOccurs element.  The
> > V1.0 schema DOES have a maxOccurs element set to "1". I don't remember
> > whether: ...

Eve responded:
> I changed the snippet as the path of least resistance; at some point, we
> rationalized this to remove the maxOccurs="1"s, and I probably noticed
> this one in the schema and fixed without fixing the corresponding snippet.

Ahhh yes - I remember that rationalization... So not only was it the path of
least resistance, removing it from the snippet is the correct solution. :-)

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