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Subject: SSTC Voting Members - PLEASE attend Tuesday's meeting...

Hi folks - I want to remind everyone that we will be voting on Tuesday, 27-May to move our candidate Committee Specification documents to CS maturity level.


As I mentioned in the 20-May agenda and Hal mentioned on the call, the vote for moving to CS status requires a 2/3 majority of our voting members - not just 2/3 of the voting members present at the meeting.


Thus it's quite important for all voting members to attend if possible.  If you find you cannot attend the meeting, could you please let me, Prateek, and Steve know as soon as you can.


We currently have 26 voting members.  This means we must have 18 voting members present or we will not be able to meet the 2/3 requirement.


Steve provided the following list of voting members as of 20-May. Note that both Scott Anderson and Eve Maler have requested a leave and thus are not included in the voting members.  If you believe there are any mistakes, please also let us know that as well.




Frank Siebenlist Argonne Natl Lab

Irving Reid Baltimore

Hal Lockhart BEA

Steven Lewis Booz Allen Hamilton

John Hughes Entegrity Solutions

Carlisle Adams Entrust

Jason Rouault HP

Bob Morgan Individual

Trevor Perrin Individual

Maryann Hondo IBM

Anthony Nadalin IBM

Padraig Moloney NASA

Prateek Mishra Netegrity

Frederick Hirsch Nokia

Senthil Sengodan Nokia

Timo Skytta Nokia

Charles Knouse Oblix

Steve Anderson OpenNetwork

Simon Godik OverXeer

Rob Philpott RSA Security

Dipak Chopra SAP

Jahan Moreh Sigaba

Bhavna Bhatnagar Sun

Jeff Hodges Sun

Emily Xu Sun

Phillip Hallam-Baker Verisign



Rob Philpott
RSA Security Inc.
The Most Trusted Name in e-Security
Tel: 781-515-7115
Mobile: 617-510-0893
Fax: 781-515-7020


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