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Subject: Agenda for SSTC 27-May con-call meeting

Reminder to SSTC members - your attendance is needed at the 27-May meeting for the CS vote.  Thanks!


Caller paid: +1 865 673 3239
Access code: 238-3466 (Please remember to key in "#" after the access code)


  1. Agenda bashing


  1. Accept minutes from 20-May con-call meeting
    1. http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/security-services/200305/msg00131.html


  1. Action item review (see attached action items)


  1. Review spec, schema updates NOT discussed on 20-May
    1. Bindings - Prateek recommended change "SUMMARY: I am making the editorial recommendation that we remove the word SSO from lines 523-524."
      1. See: http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/security-services/200305/msg00135.html
    2. Conformance Spec - Section 2.5/Table 2 updates
      1. See: http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/security-services/200305/msg00137.html
    3. Schema files: Prateek updates:

                                                         i.      Assertion schema (draft-04) - fix document identifier

                                                       ii.      Protocol Schema (draft-05) - fix document identifier and assertion schema location reference.

                                                      iii.      See updated zip file: http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/security-services/200305/msg00140.html


  1. Vote to declare specifications to be SSTC Committee Specifications: "The vote to approve the work as a Committee Specification requires a 2/3 vote of TC members, with no more than 1/4 objecting. As with other TC decisions, this decision should minuted and posted to the mail list and web page. The TC chair should also notify the TC Administrator so that the specification can be added to a web page listing Committee Specifications."


  1. Target V1.1 end game schedule:
    1. [Target: 27-May] Post CS docs and schemas to web site
    2. [Target: 28-May] The TC chairs announce to OASIS that the Committee Spec is available for a 30-day Public Review period.
    3. [Target: 30-June] End of Public Review period - prepare new errata document as needed.
    4. [Target: 1-July (1st Tuesday following 30-day period)] TC vote to submit the Committee Spec to OASIS.
    5. [Target: 1-July] Chairs begin preparing OASIS spec submission document which includes
      1. Reference links to specs
      2. Certification by at least 3 vendors successfully using the spec
      3. Describe disposition of all public review comments
      4. IPR policy compliance statements
    6. [Target: 15-July] The submission document must be submitted to OASIS by the 15th of the month
    7. [Target: 1-August] OASIS will make the announcement of the TC's request for standardization of the committee spec by the 1st of the month.
    8. [Target: 15-August] Voting will commence by the 15th of the month.
    9. [Target: 31-August] Voting will complete at the end of the month.


  1. Return TC meetings to bi-weekly?


  1. Adjourn



Action Items:

-          Closed Items:

o        #0042: Conformance edits for candidate ctte spec

o        #0043: Core edits for candidate ctte spec

o        #0044: Bindings edits for candidate ctte spec

o        #0045: Security Considerations edits for candidate ctte spec

o        #0046: Differences document edits


Open Action Items:


#0038: Continue developing Metadata specs

Owner: Jahan Moreh

Status: Open

Assigned: 06 May 2003

Due: ---

Rob Philpott 2003-05-06 14:40 GMT
29-April: Continue developing Metadata specs (not required for V1.1 last call).

Rob Philpott 2003-05-06 16:53 GMT
1-May: Jahan posted draft -06 of the spec and schema file to the repository. See document references associated with this action item.

#0013: Request use of WS-Trust for CC Proposal

Owner: Maryann Hondo

Status: Open

Assigned: 23 Mar 2003

Due: ---

Rob Philpott 2003-03-24 02:30 GMT
We need to formulate appropriate language for a request to WS-Trust folks on SSTC mailing list. MaryAnn agreed to represent the question to the WS-Trust Authors on our behalf. Question to WS-Trust authors:
(0) SSTC is interested in using portions of WS-Trust specification.
(1) Clarify their intent on submission to standards body and relevant time frame
(2) Will the WS-Trust specification be submitted to a standards body within the next three months
(3) Alternatively, would WS-Trust authors consider releasing WS-Trust specification (appropriate waiver of copyright) to the SSTC to build a derivative work.

Rob Philpott 2003-04-08 05:09 GMT
Carlisle completed the draft.
The AI has been transferred to Maryann who will now follow up with the authors.

Rob Philpott 2003-04-15 21:54 GMT
Maryann notified the authors of our request on 14-April and asked to set up an authors con-callto discuss it. The con-call will take place sometime after the RSA Conference.

Rob Philpott 2003-04-29 22:07 GMT
29-April: Author's con-call is scheduled for 30-April

Rob Philpott 2003-05-06 21:17 GMT
6-May: Lengthy discussion during con-call. See minutes (200305/msg000091 - see reference link).

#0047: Update Issues List from V1.0

Owner: Rob Philpott

Status: Open

Assigned: 20 May 2003

Due: ---

Rob Philpott 2003-05-20 22:06 GMT
In a private mail exchange, "Eve L. Maler" wrote:
> It would be nice to update/extract items from it (and I also think we
> should build a more official list of items we have promised to deal
> with and design components we have promised to remove in V2.0),
> but I don't think our last-call schedule should depend on it.

Provide updated issues list

#0004: [AI-39] Propose WSDL for metadata

Owner: Prateek Mishra

Status: Open

Assigned: 17 Mar 2003

Due: ---



Rob Philpott
RSA Security Inc.
The Most Trusted Name in e-Security
Tel: 781-515-7115
Mobile: 617-510-0893
Fax: 781-515-7020


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