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Subject: Call for Public Review of SAML 1.1 Candidate Specification

1. Call for Public Review of SAML 1.1 Candidate Specification Set
On May 27, 2003 the OASIS SSTC voted to advance the SAML 1.1
specification drafts to candidate specification status.
We are now calling for a public review of the SAML 1.1 candidate specification
set. Following OASIS guidelines the review period must extend to at least 
30 days; for this specification set this period begins May 28, 2003 and closes
June 30, 2003. Members of OASIS and the general public are encouraged to
review the candidate specification and send their comments to one of the following
SSTC mailing lists.
2. How can I send a comment?
OASIS SSTC members should send their comments to the..


mailing list.

NOTE: Only subscribers may post to the security-services list. However, any
OASIS member may subscribe to the security-services list. To subscribe, please
join the OASIS TC by visiting link:

The general public ("reviewers at-large") should send comments to..


NOTE: Before sending messages to the security-services-comment list, YOU MUST
FIRST SUBSCRIBE. Go to http://lists.oasis-open.org/ob/adm.pl
to subscribe.

Archives of both the lists are available at:
3. Where can I find the specification set?
The SAML 1.1 specification set is available at:








The entire SAML 1.1 specification set may also be downloaded as a single ZIP archive:


A draft describing the differences between SAML 1.0 and SAML 1.1 is available at:


Note that this document is NOT part of the SAML 1.1 specification set.


3. How will the TC respond to my comments?

The TC will record the comments received as well as the resolution of those comments.
The TC may conduct any number of additional review cycles (i.e. collecting comments, making edits to the specification, sending out a revised version for review again, etc.)
before deciding that the review is complete. After the conclusion of the review and final changes to the document, the TC must re-approve the work as a Committee Specification before submitting it to OASIS for consideration as a standard.
Prateek Mishra and Rob Philpott
May 28, 2003

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