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Subject: Agenda for July 22 Conference Call

1. Accept minutes from July 1 Conference Call


2. Any remaining SAML 1.1 submission issues?

3. Finalize dates and location for September F2F


4. SAML 2.0 Next Steps

(a) Call for Editors

Frederick Hirsch (Nokia) and Eve Maler (SUN) have graciously volunteered to
act as Editors. It is likely we will require additional editors for the many
SAML 2.0 drafts. Please contact Rob Philpott or Prateek Mishra if you are
interested in this time consuming, difficult but very important role.

(b) SAML 2.0 Scope definition

Recall that we have requested permission to create derivative works from 
Liberty Alliance 1.1.


What are our next steps in this space? 

Would it not be better to begin work from LA 1.2? 

Further, at various points lists of SAML 2.0 topics have been published:


What are our next steps in this space?

5. Open Action Items

0038 Continue developing Metadata specs

Prateek Mishra

0013 Request use of WS-Trust for CC proposal

Maryann Hondo

6. Any other agenda items

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