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Subject: Pointers to LA 1.2 materials

My understanding is that these materials will become final sometime
in September-October time-frames.
  • draft-lib-arch-idff-guidelines-v1.2-02.pdf: Liberty ID-FF Implementation Guidelines defines the recommended implementation guidelines and checklists for the Liberty architecture focused on deployments for the service-providing entities: service providers, identity providers, and Liberty-enabled clients or proxies (LECPs).
  • draft-lib-arch-overview-v1.2-03.pdf: Liberty ID-FF Architecture Overview is a non-normative summary description of the Liberty ID-FF architecture, including policy and security guidance.
  • draft-lib-arch-bindings-profiles-v1.2-08.pdf: Liberty ID-FF Bindings & Profiles Specification defines concrete transport bindings and usage profiles for the abstract Liberty protocols.
  • draft-lib-arch-protocols-schema-v1.2-08.pdf: Liberty ID-FF Protocols & Schema Specification defines the abstract protocols and XML schemas for Liberty.
    Prateek Mishra
    p: 781-530-6564
    c: 781-308-5198

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