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Subject: Re: [security-services] goal statement thread

My hope was that we would be more thematic and less specific in the goal 
statement, so that it would guide us rather than bind us strictly.  Two 
telecons ago, Hal (I think) came up with a cool alliterative triple that 
summarized our discussion to that point nicely, but I don't think we 
captured it.  The first item was "Convergence".

I would describe the convergence goal in terms of aligning better with 
the standards efforts and commercial deployments that are using SAML 
today.  This covers not only Liberty and its implementations, but also 
the Internet2 work, the Global Grid Forum interest we've heard about, 
various large commercial deployments such as Boeing's, and even some 
vertical standards efforts.  (Maybe if we use alliteration, we should go 
with "I" instead, as in "Inclusiveness" and "Interoperability". :-)

I can't remember if we talked about this in that same telecon, but one 
my hopes -- going along with our discussion on outreach -- is to 
strengthen SAML's ease of use, for example by providing more tutorial 
materials, or at the least providing examples to accompany the specs. 
The metadata work is in service of both interop and ease of use, I think.


Jeff Hodges wrote:

> Here's a shot at a goal stmt..
>   The goals of the SAML 2.0 effort are to expand the scope of the SAML
>   specification to address features such as identity federation, session
>   context, metadata exchange, authentication services, plus specify new 
>   profiles that make use of them, such as B2B, A2A, back-office 
> profiles. We
>   will attain these goals by building upon the solid foundation of SAML 
> 1.0 and
>   through converegence with the Liberty Alliance v1.1 specifications.
> Comments appreciated!
> JeffH
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