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Subject: My *** last*** try at posting F2F logistics into the archive

I really apologize for the redundant messages about this.  I've turned off
every email edit/send option there is now in order to try to get this posted
successfully into the archives.  If this does not work, I give up.


The SSSTC SAML 2.0 Face-to-Face meeting will be held from September 8-10 at:
	RSA Security
	174 Middlesex Turnpike
	Bedford, MA 01730

The f2f will start at 10am on Monday, and 9am on Tuesday and Wednesday.  We
should finish around 5pm on Monday and Tuesday and by noon on Wednesday.

At this time, we believe we will have quorum for the meeting and do not plan
to arrange a teleconference connection.

We will be planning a dinner event at a local restaurant on Tuesday evening.
Details are TBD.

Directions to the RSA facility are available at:

We have a full cafeteria next to our meeting room that serves breakfast and
lunch.  Coffee is free (Starbucks and another brand I don't recall).

Let me know if you have any questions.

We look forward to seeing everyone.

Directions to RSA:
RSA Security, Inc.
174 Middlesex Turnpike
Bedford, MA  01730
(781) 515-6807

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