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Subject: FW: Query on XML2003-OASIS-W3C December 2003 (architecture) [off list] (2 of 2)

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From: James Bryce Clark [mailto:jamie.clark@oasis-open.org] 
Sent: Thursday, July 31, 2003 12:08 PM
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Cc: dee.schur@oasis-open.org
Subject: Query on XML2003-OASIS-W3C December 2003 (architecture) [off list]
Importance: High

     You've already seen my colleague Dee Schur's note to the [chairs] list 
that the hosts of XML2003 have offered free meeting space to OASIS TCs who 
wish to consider a face to face meeting at this widely-attended December 
event in Philadelphia, PA, US.  Members of our TCs often must pay for 
meeting space, so this may be an attractive opportunity. (As you know, we 
also are working on possible OASIS interoperability demos at this meeting, 
as a related but separate event.)
     In addition, we are discussing potential joint and parallel programs 
between OASIS and W3C.  We have had strong and fairly effective liaison 
between our staffs for some time.  We think that the potential for further 
demonstrating collaborative capabilities, and general willingness to 
share  information where appropriate, is very promising.  Particularly, 
there are a number of W3C panels which may be able to co-locate and conduct 
parallel meetings with corresponding or related OASIS TCs.  This would 
encourage the members of each to visit the other meeting, enabling 
some  productive cross-fertilization.
      (Note that, if you find this interesting, we're suggesting your TCs 
consider co-located parallel meetings, not *combined* ones.  In our 
experience, arranging for members of one panel to visit another is fairly 
easy, while sorting out rules for an actual *joint* meeting can be much 
      Among the specific opportunities that staff have identified is 
potential co-location of OASIS TCs with a web service or SOA focus, and the 
W3C working group with responsibility for web services architecture.  We 
would like to get an informal indication of interest (or non-interest) 
fairly quickly, for planning purposes, as co-location obviously would 
require some advance planning.  I plan to send essentially this message to 
the relevant TC lists** shortly.  I am sending this to you as their chairs 
first for your information.  We would value your take on whether this is 
likely to be an attractive opportunity, and how (and whether) you advise us 
to pursue it.
     Best regards    Jamie Clark

** At first take, this probably includes DSS, the ebXML TCs, Security 
Services (SAML), UDDI Spec, WSDM, WSIA/WSRP, WSRP and WSS, and perhaps also 
Provisioning (SPML), Translation WS and XLIFF.  WSRM and ebXML MSG, while 
also WS/SOA-facing, are not listed here on the hypothesis that they might 
be more interested in possible co-location with the W3C XML Protocol 
working group with responsibility for SOAP.  Similarly WSBPEL seems more 
likely to focus on possible interaction with the W3C Choreography panel, 
rather than W3C WS Architecture.  However, these are rebuttable working 
assumptions.  Any views you have about this rough list also would be

~ James Bryce Clark
~ OASIS Open
~ +1 978 667 5115 x203 office
~ +1 310 293 6739 mobile

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