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Subject: RE: [security-services] Groups - sstc-saml-MetadataDiscoveryProtocols-2.0-draft-00.pdfuploaded

>The specification has the schema in it. This isn't arbitrary data (modulo

What specification ? The one that I looked at that was posted did not have
the schema, if your talking about the Liberty document, I could not find
where this was posted to the list for file section, can you point me to
this document on the OASIS site and the IP deceleration ?

Anthony Nadalin | work 512.436.9568 | cell 512.289.4122

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  |       Subject:  RE: [security-services] Groups - sstc-saml-MetadataDiscoveryProtocols-2.0-draft-00.pdf uploaded                                |

> So how does one parse this, how do I know the schema for the
> metadata returned ? How do I get the schemas for the data returned ?

The specification has the schema in it. This isn't arbitrary data (modulo

> Yes, caught the fever and took an aspirin and its now gone.
> You seem to be missing the point, you seem to have to talk to
> the end point service to get the metadata but you may not be
> able to, so there is a boot strap issue.

You've lost me, I'm afraid. There's nothing "magic" here, you issue an HTTP
GET for an XML document containing the metadata. You get back text/xml
containing the signed XML instance. Unless the URL is not an HTTP URL, in
which case it's scheme-specific. The spec I believe mandates support on the
relying party end for HTTP/S, but obviously many others are possible (ftp,
gopher, beep, yadda yadda).

I see no "end point service" or any bootstrap considerations. The metadata
bootstraps the other profiles (i.e. For a given provider, where do I send
SSO requests?).

-- Scott

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