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Subject: RE: [security-services] Groups -sstc-saml-MetadataDiscoveryProtocols-2.0-draft-00.pdf uploaded

> What specification ? The one that I looked at that was posted 
> did not have the schema, if your talking about the Liberty 
> document, I could not find where this was posted to the list 
> for file section, can you point me to this document on the 
> OASIS site and the IP deceleration ?

Sorry for the confusion. Aside from what Jahan posted, I would point out for
future clarification that it has already been discussed amongst the SSTC on
previous calls that pending the formal submission of ID-FF 1.2 documents to
OASIS with the attendant IP declaration, some of the draft work on SAML 2.0
may reference or incoporate some of the 1.2 work as supporting material.

There is no expectation that anything not formally submitted would be
ultimately used.

Subject to that caveat, the relevant Liberty schema that fed Jahan's work is


-- Scott

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