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Subject: Re: RE: [security-services] Groups - saml2-lecp.pdf uploaded

> Well not all of us are involved in Liberty. I guess the tile of the
> document gave me this impression, as its "metadata" so I guess what you are
> proposing is not generalized metadata but just a Liberty version of
> metatda, and will repeat its not very useful in its narrow scope.

I may be involved with Liberty, but I'm a SAML implementer and my interest is in SAML. Recouched in the proper framework with the appropriate adjustments, it is perfectly useful (let me rephrase, essential) as input for SAML.

I don't know what "generalized metadata" means, but my first cut at a definition would be:

<any namespace="#any" minOccurs="1" maxOccurs="unbounded"/>

Now *that* is indeed not very useful.

Unlike other past efforts I can point to, SAML is not trying to solve every problem in the world, which is why I think we have a successful process. SAML metadata is about information to facilitate SAML use cases. That's it. XML is sufficiently extensible to permit any metadata spec to be fundamentally generic, but that's not my focus.

That said, Liberty ID-FF metadata does not address some SAML use cases, either. So we're not done and I'm not claiming otherwise.

-- Scott

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