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Subject: RE: [security-services] Groups - saml2-lecp.pdf uploaded

Hi Anthony,

>> The scenario was simple: How to make Federated SSO to work 
>>with existing installed base of mobile internet enabled terminals. There is a large
>>number of them, by the way :-).
>So this is a device specific profile ? What about a Web 
>services profile for newer smarter devices, they make those right ;-) ?

I don't think I said device or mobile specific, I said it solves a problem for
mobile industry by solving the scenario mobile folks submitted. 
LEC is no way tied to a mobile only use case or scenario.

Regarding web services profiles for "newer, smarter devices" or similar 
functionality in PCs , there are some draft specifications available from 
standardization forums and groups of individual companies. 
I am not sure how it relates to SAML 2.0, but maybe I am missing a point.

>> The other major, generic problem LECP solves is how to find 
>an IDP for a specific end user.... In enterprise you can assume things, in 
>internet, in general, not. LECP will know  the IDPs for an end user.
>I thought that's why the metadata discovery protocol was being 
>submitted, are both methods really needed ?

Metadata discovery itself is not addressing the IDP discovery problem, but 
how to find metadata about specific IDP or SP you are "talking" to. 


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