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Subject: RE: [security-services] Groups - liberty-architecture-overview-v1.1.pdf uploaded

>This pages really helps by putting most of the important information in one
>place.  Am I wrong to assume that once the TC issues its next specification
>implementers will be required obtain a license from Liberty (unlike the RSA
>IP RF license)? 

AFAIK, Liberty doesn't require a separate license to implement, it simply
controls the distribution of the specs. The rest is handled by any holders
of IPR (such as RSA for example) directly.

Liberty's board gave the SSTC the rights to derive work and copyright the
results under OASIS, so the specs are covered. Implementing would depend on
whatever IPR people bring to the table. I'm not aware of any IPR licenses on
current Liberty implementations apart from RSA's SAML claims.

I think it would be good to clarify/check all of this. As an open source
developer, I certainly try and avoid specs that are encumbered or uncertain
and would be opposed to their introduction into the process (granting that
OASIS certainly allows it).

-- Scott

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