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Subject: RE: [security-services] Groups - liberty-architecture-overview-v1 .1.pdfuploaded

Scott Cantor Wrote:
>Liberty's board gave the SSTC the rights to derive work and copyright the
>results under OASIS, so the specs are covered.

As far as I can tell from reading the documents in the public realm,
submissions are to OASIS as a whole and not to any specific TC.

>Implementing would depend on
>whatever IPR people bring to the table. I'm not aware of any IPR licenses on
>current Liberty implementations apart from RSA's SAML claims.

I am also not aware of specific IP claims,
but the submission references that the holders of are committed to RAND not RF.
According to the OASIS IPR Guidelines:
"The contributor represents that he has disclosed the
existence of any proprietary or intellectual property rights in the contribution that are reasonably and personally
known to the contributor."
However, the submission makes no such statement. Can we get clarification about
the existence of any IPR and associated licensing terms?


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