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Subject: new bindings and profile drafts uploaded

I have split the SAML 2.0 Bindings and Profile document into two new documents, "Bindings" and "Profiles", as decided at the F2F.

I have also  incorporated the enhanced client profile material we voted for inclusion into the profile document, as well as related 
binding information into the Bindings document.

I have uploaded the pdf, diff pdf and OpenOffice source versions of each document [1]

The diff files  show the changes from the previous Bindings and Profiles document.

Some material is currently duplicated in bindings and profiles (with some minor edits), probably better to have one version probably in core, but
I'll wait with editing until SSTC decision. This includes the sections "Specification of additional bindings and profiles", "confirmation method identifiers",  and "artifact format".

regards, Frederick

Frederick Hirsch








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