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Subject: RE: [security-services] Belated agenda for today's focus group call

On Tue, 24 Feb 2004, John Hughes wrote:

> 	- Authentication Method Identifiers
> 	- Confirmation method identifiers
> I'm not clear in my own mind whether the last two should be in this
> document - or remain in the core/profile/bindings doc set.

Well, wherever they belong it wouldn't be here.  This is about names of
SAML Attributes, not identifiers in other schema elements.

> 	- Normalization of various "common" attribute naming schemes - e.g KRB,
> DCE, Windows 2000

normalization in what sense?

Regarding LDAP/X.500, the interesting scope question to me is whether, as
I have heard suggested, there should be a listing of actual attribute
definitions (attribute types in X.500 terms), eg commonName, that should
form some base good-to-implement list.  I can see the appeal in this, but
it can also be a can of worms, since, among other reasons, some of these
attribute types themselves are not necessarily defined with the precision
one might like for particular applications (eg "mail").  I think that if
this is needed it can be a post-2.0 thing.

 - RL "Bob"

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