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Subject: Re: [security-services] Core-08 is now available

Just a quick note on this point before I catch up on my other dozens of 
unread SSTC messages...  ArtifactRequest made more sense when it was 
defined side-by-side with AssertionIDRequest, which I had renamed thusly 
after seeing AssertionRequest and ArtifactRequest side by side and 
wanting to make them more consistent.  The idea was that ArtifactRequest 
was a request for an assertion by means of an artifact, whereas 
AssertionIDRequest was a request for an assertion by means of an ID (or 
so went my tortured renaming logic in order to leave the existing names 
mostly undisturbed).  But given the confusion/comments on this point, 
and given our repositioning of ArtifactRequest as a protocol binding 
that returns a protocol message and not a mere assertion, renaming of 
ArtifactRequest is in order.


Scott Cantor wrote:

>>You're correct - It's a "request" for a protocol message that contains a
>>response message that contains an assertion associated with the specified
> It can be. It could also be a request for an AuthnRequest. Or a request for
> a LogoutResponse. Basically it doesn't matter what it is.
> -- Scott
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