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Subject: RE: [security-services] Issues CORE-16 and CORE-17 and matchingprotocols/profiles

> Issue CORE-16 has to do with element renaming.  We have a strong 
> preference to call the ID attributes simply "ID" (rather than 
> AssertionID etc.); this seemed to be the sentiment at the F2F 
> too.

I definitely would like that.

> From an engineering perspective we had no strong preference on the 
> renaming of other elements and attributes.  Since so much else is
> changing in SAML V2.0, it was felt that naming changes were relatively
> incidental.

I think there are simple, practical reasons to increase the abbreviations we
use in at least some places.

> Finally, on the general matter of having protocols and corresponding 
> profiles: We advocate that there be a (trivial, if necessary) profile 
> that mentions each protocol somehow.

I was planning to do a new profiles draft this week, I guess I could take a
stab at this for one of them and see what might need to be said. I can't
think of very much unless metadata factors in more prominently than it has
so far. Liberty's profiles are very explicit about the use of metadata, but
I didn't go quite that far yet.

-- Scott

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