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Subject: RE: [security-services] RE: AuthenticationMethod / NameIdentifier andKerberos authentication

> Anyway, I think JohnK mentioned using an Auth Context instead 
> of putting the Kerberos pre-auth in the AuthenticationMethod 
> statement ? What was the concensus on this, or has it not 
> been discussed in detail yet ?

The latter. I think everyone agrees that it makes sense, but I don't know
that Liberty has defined any specific classes or statements that deal with

> Maybe if Kerberos has been used, but not in the way we prefer 
> (client in workstation/browser) we could still represent this 
> method as a Kerberos method, but put something meaningful 
> into a Context statement that gives more details on how 
> Kerberos was used to authenticate the user ? That is in 
> addition to the pre-auth method ? Just a suggestion ... Comments ?

Right. My criticism pertained to the old method. However, I would be equally
opposed to lumping this model into a general Kerberos context class. I think
it's closer to a "password" class with specific details provided as to how
the server is checking the password for accuracy that mention Kerberos.

-- Scott

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