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security-services message

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Subject: Comment received from British Telecom

Rob and I have received the following comment from British Telecom to the

----------------comment begins-------------------------------------------

As a telecommunications service provider considering the use of SAML for
inter-operator and inter-enterprise use, we believe there is a need for an
independent SAML testing facility supported by all SAML product vendors that
would demonstrate a number of template SAML producer and consumer services
against an agreed set of usage cases. These could be based on the recent
SAML 1.1 inter-op usage cases, but might equally address an agreed BOF
originated set of usage cases. 

The aim of such a testing facility is to establish a base product
configuration which

1)     SAML product vendors could test against as part of product

2)  adopters of SAML based products could utilise for deployment-time
testing and debugging.


Nigel Tedeschi
Security Technologies -  Trusted Identity Management Solutions
BT Exact

------------------------comment ends-------------------------------------

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