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Subject: FW: TC Meeting Opportunity for the Fall

Hi folks – OASIS has asked whether we have interest in a f2f meeting in Brussels in October.


Since we should be done with SAML 2.0 by then (if not, then we’ve really messed up!), I’m leaning toward telling them no. But I wanted to at least check with everyone else.


Sounds like a nice venue, but I’m not sure I can justify it.




Rob Philpott
Senior Consulting Engineer 
RSA Security Inc.
Tel: 781-515-7115

Mobile: 617-510-0893
Fax: 781-515-7020

-----Original Message-----
 Subject: TC Meeting Opportunity for the Fall
Importance: Low


Dear OASIS TC Chairs,

First, I would like to "THANK" all the OASIS Technical Committees that were able to hold meetings during our April New Orleans event. We could have not have asked for a more successful event and owe a portion of that success to the TC participation. 


Are you ready to do it again?   

We are making plans now to host F2F OASIS TC meetings in Europe in the Fall. Our target is Brussels for the week of October 4-8, 2004. To help us plan for the event, we're asking all OASIS TCs to consider this opportunity and let us know if you are potentially interested in reserving space for your TC. If you are, please let me know how much time you'll need and how many people you might expect.


Note:  This is only an informal poll.  We are not setting anything in stone.  This notice is only to provide the Chairs with knowledge of this upcoming opportunity and to help me better plan for our prospective event. 


Please reply to this email by Friday May 22, 2004. 



I thank you all again for your commitment and I look forward to working with you again.


Jane Harnad
Manager of Events


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