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Subject: RE: [security-services] AI-#0165: Proposed Errata Process for SAML 2.0

> This sounds like a good plan.  I just wanted to point out explicitly 
> that the errata process you propose is for "temporary" errata on the way 
> from Committee Draft to OASIS Standard, just as we did before.  The 
> purpose would be to allow implementors to easily track minor changes and 
> cleanup that take place during Committee Draft stage as the result of 
> final review.

It may be all we can get away with, but it's not what we really need, which
is a way to normatively correct errors in the spec after the vote is done.

Going through the whole process again is pretty heavy-weight for correcting
mistakes, if the TC collectively agrees that it's a mistake. Pretending
everything gets caught during the voting is pretty unrealistic as the spec
gets bigger.

-- Scott

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