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Subject: Re: [security-services] AI-#0165: Proposed Errata Process for SAML 2.0

This sounds like a good plan.  I just wanted to point out explicitly 
that the errata process you propose is for "temporary" errata on the way 
from Committee Draft to OASIS Standard, just as we did before.  The 
purpose would be to allow implementors to easily track minor changes and 
cleanup that take place during Committee Draft stage as the result of 
final review.


Mishra, Prateek wrote:

> (1) A single errata documented be maintained with an Errata editor. We need
> someone to "volunteer" for this position.
> (2) 
> (a) When the TC moves to submit the SAML "Committee Draft" for OASIS
> standardization (currently scheduled for September 7), all specification
> documents should include a reference to "Errata" on the cover page, together
> with a URL where the document may be found. The name of the document should
> not be included as there cannot be substantive or normative changes to the
> document once it has been accepted as an OASIS standard.
> (b) Simultaneously an errata document (sstc-saml-2.0-errata-00) but with no
> errata content be published to the SSTC web site at the designated errata
> URL.
> (3) The errata document would become live once the TC voted to submit the
> specification to OASIS for standardization. It would remain live until some
> or all of its contents were incorporated within SAML 2.1. The TC would
> follow its standard processes to accept errata (majority vote).
> NOTES: This proposal broadly follows the process used in WSS and XACML. The
> OASIS website includes the following comments:
> http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/guidelines.php
> [quote]
> The TC Admin will announce the results of the voting within seven days of
> the end of the voting period. If the ballot passes, OASIS will announce the
> creation of a new OASIS Standard and place the newly approved OASIS Standard
> on appropriate web pages for distribution.
> After approval of the specification as an OASIS Standard the TC must prepare
> the final version for publication. Usually this would involve changing only
> the title page to reflect the new status of the document. There must not be
> any substantive or normative changes made to the specification. The document
> must be renamed according to the OASIS file naming scheme and submitted to
> the TC Admin for publication. The TC may create a non-normative errata
> document, but no normative changes may be made to the specification; making
> normative changes will require sending the specification through the
> approval process.
> [end-quote]
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