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Subject: RE: [security-services] Re: Last-call drafts and call for review now available on website

Hi Karl,

I'm confused.  You say: 
> Is this "last call" the same as the public review required by the TC 
> Process before the approval of the spec as a CD by the TC? (see ...

I do not see anything in the OASIS process that says a TC must have a
public review BEFORE approving a spec as a CD by the TC.  From the

(a). Approval of a Committee Draft

Upon completion of a specification the TC may approve the work as a
Committee Draft. The approval of a Committee Draft shall require at
least 2/3 of the total membership of a TC voting to approve and no more
than 1/4 voting to disapprove.

OASIS TC Administration must be notified at the completion of any ballot
to approve a Committee Draft, regardless of the outcome of the ballot.

The name of a Committee Draft may not include any trademarks or service
marks not owned by OASIS. The Committee Draft must use the
OASIS-approved document templates and naming, and must include the OASIS

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