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Subject: RE: [security-services] comments on Last Call core doc - draft 17

I think you mean core comments, not profiles.

> - line 1764 and else where through out doc.  Came across the use of
> "Replying Party".  In many instances "Service Provider" may be more
> appropriate - and hence a quick check should be performed.  
> However if it is appropriate to use Replying Party - perhaps I should
> define  (and scope it) in the Technical Overview

I assume you mean "Relying Party"? That's a specific term that I
incorporated into the set of actors in the authentication request section
after discussions with Ron and others.

In some cases, the relying party is a single service provider in the sense
that profiles uses it, but the protocol doesn't assume that in all cases.

Relying Party I think might have a definition already in the glossary, I
guess I was shooting for a more precise usage in the protocol. But there
might be multiple relying parties, so it's broader than just a service

Where I think I'm sloppy is in the NameID/NameIDPolicy stuff, where I throw
around issues of "namespaces" and SPs and affiliations without any
explanation. Probably we need to add language up front in core to describe
the formal use of NameQualifier/SPNameQualifier. This isn't always the
required usage, but it is constrained fairly precisely when using the
persistent/transient formats, which are the Liberty (and Shibboleth to some
extent)-contributed aspects.

> -line 2206 re scheme snippet for TerminateType - is this 
> correct?  Doesn't
> look right to me - we have a hanging/empty <sequence/> element

It's legal, it just means the element is empty. It's eqivalent to not having
the <sequence/> there at all, but I think that looks weird. If it's
confusing to people, we can pull it.

-- Scott

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