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Subject: RE: [security-services] Addition of more wildcarding

> After seeing the back-and-forth, I agree with Scott.  Even if we made it 
> OPTIONAL/RECOMMENDED and in practice required it for doing correlation 
> and such, we'd confuse the heck out of everybody and everything by 
> allowing other globally scoped ID attributes.  (And he's right about 
> xml:* being disallowed until XML officially recognizes it and parsers 
> are updated.)

Well, I kind of liked the 2.0 -> 2.1 idea, where we make ID optional in the
schema, but mandatory in prose for 2.0, and then switch to xml:id in a 2.1

Reason being this isn't like with 1.0 -> 1.1, where we made 1.0 messages
invalid in 1.1. I think it's reasonable to consider giving up forward
compatibility with 2.1 to get to the xml:id state of nirvana quicker.

This is all assuming that xml:id is on some sort of track to get done and
implemented quickly. Otherwise, forget it.

> Hmm, maybe we shouldn't add these wildcards after all...  We did say 
> that we need a use case for them.

My use case is just that I want people that might want to add an attribute
for some reason to not have to extend the schema and add a new derived type
for something so trivial.

-- Scott

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