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Subject: RE: [security-services] Conformance with identifiers/affiliations (long)

> From a test harness point of view, it means that SPs need some way to 
> accept the name identifier (or encrypted name identifier) returned from 
> a name identifier mapping operation and verify that it means something 
> to them. In Liberty ID-FF 1.2 conformance testing, the name identifier 
> mapping test involves three entities: SP1, SP2 and IDP. It is assumed 
> that SP1 and SP2 are from the same vendor and that the vendor's test 
> harness is set up to convey the result of a name identifier mapping 
> request issued by SP1 to IDP (with a target of SP2) to SP2 for this 
> verification step.

So the actual use case/trigger for invoking the NameIDMappingRequest from
SP1 and then passing the result to SP2 is all up to the vendor, basically.
Makes sense.

-- Scott

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