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security-services message

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Subject: Agenda for SSTC COnference Call, August 10

Dial in info: +1 865 673 6950 #351-8396



  1. Minutes from August 3, Conference Call


2. Updated Schedule (proposed) – are we ready to vote today?

·         August 10: VOTE to move spec’s to “Committee Draft” status (requires YES votes from 2/3 of ALL voting members). VOTE to move CD spec’s into 30-day Public Review for OASIS standardization (majority vote). Edit doc’s for CD status. Notify TC admin of the start of formal Public Review.

·         September 14 (second call following 30-day public review): Make sure all public review comments have been properly dispatched. Final editorial changes must be complete. VOTE to re-approve spec’s as final Committee Draft and VOTE to submit to OASIS for standardization. 

·         September 8-15: Complete all submission paperwork. All submissions for an October voting period must be complete by September 15.

Proposed document set for CD status:













All schema files found in V2.0 Working Specifications / V2.0 Authentication Context Classes

  1. Discussion Threads

a. proposed new text for X.500/LDAP attribute profile

      b. Addition of more wildcarding

      c. proposed updates to conformance document

      Conformance with identifiers/affiliations (long)  

      Re: [security-services] MTI security models for SOAP Binding


    MTI Security model for SAML URI Binding

     All of the formats and semantics in Section 8.3 of core are MTI

    d. Comments on SAML 2.0 Core draft-19...



4. Open AIs

#0123: Obtain MIME type registration for HTTP lookup of SAML

Owner: Jeff Hodges

Status: Open

Assigned: 13 Feb 2004


#0158: Propose changes to definition of Federation in glossary

Owner: Prateek Mishra

Status: Open

Assigned: 30 Apr 2004


#0160: Separate Privacy concerns language from Element/Attribute descriptions

Owner: Prateek Mishra

Status: Open

Assigned: 30 Apr 2004

#0163: Need process for submission of profiles/authn context classes, etc.

Owner: Rob Philpott

Status: Open

Assigned: 22 Jun 2004

#0185: Rationalize presence of empty elements in schema

Owner: Scott Cantor

Status: Open

Assigned: 26 Jul 2004

Due: ---


0179: Does conformance meet pki-cross-domain-profile-draft-01.doc requirements?

Owner: Rick Randall

Status: Open

Assigned: 12 Jul 2004

Due: ---

Prateek Mishra 2004-07-12 21:47 GMT
CHeck conformance document to see if it captures the desired functionality described in this document.

#0176: Provide sequence diagrams for profiles

Owner: Jeff Hodges

Status: Open



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