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Subject: RE: [security-services] Comments on SAML 2.0 Core draft-19...

+0 (whatever experienced implementers think), ...

... but consider that verbosity (less-of) is not the only 
criteria in a case such as this, where user interfaces
are concerned. 

Here the schema is also conveying a sense of the "default" 
user interaction principles ... and those follow interaction 
design practices that no unbeckoned presentations suddenly 
appear [1].

I'd say that in the security context this user interface
aspect extends to all services cooperating in a consistent, 
integral, presentation. Which imposes a default of: don't 
interpose yourself (IdP/ECP) unless I specifically say you 
may (and by which I am indicating that I have already given 
the user the proper indications and am committing to follow 
up 'your' interactions appropriately).

In other words, a default of "true" for IsPassive seems
just about right to me.

That's my two cents.


[1] Given yet-another interpretation in, e.g., the "captive
phase" of Cooper & Reimann, 2003, where an interface must
positively indicate the *potential* actors in the action,
but of course going way back.

>  > Conor wrote:
>  > > * Line 1873: Strongly recommend that IsPassive default to
>  > > "false" not True.   The passive request is the exception to
>  > > the rule and the default should be set accordingly.
>  Scott wrote:
>  > +1, I copied this from ID-FF, but I was a little confused 
>  > by it myself. I didn't think true was the more common case, 
>  > but I thought maybe this had been concluded otherwise in 
>  > Liberty discussions.
Conor wrote:
> If it was that way in ID-FF that was a mistake that I missed in my
> review of the ID-FF specs.  I can say that there was no significant
> discussion in Liberty where this was consciously decided as my goal
> there was always to make sure that the normal case had the least
> amount of verbosity.

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