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Subject: RE: [security-services] SAML Interop hosted by OpenGroup, Sep 28-30

The Open Group will be hosting an informal discussion on conducting open source testing on SAML at the upcoming Directory Interoperability Forum Plugfest as well as some informal testing.  Being proposed is over the wire and onsite testing.  If anyone is interested, please let me know (as a SAML member and Open Group IdM committee rep) as we are having bi-weekly calls to discuss this upcoming Plugfest scheduled for September 28-30 in Northern California at the Oracle Facility.

The agenda is still being put together so please feel free to contribute ideas.



Gavenraj Sodhi, MBA

Computer Associates

Product Manager, eTrust Security Management Solutions

Mobile:  +1 949 350 8808



From: Cameron Morris [mailto:cmorris@novell.com]
Sent: Tuesday, August 24, 2004 9:35 AM
To: security-services@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: [security-services] SAML interop hosted by OpenGroup, Sep 28-30


I've heard many call for an interop for SAML 2.0.  I got an emailing saying that the OpenGroup DIF (directory interoperability forum) is going to host an informal interop for SAML.


Below are the details:


- Cameron Morris

Novell, Inc.

>>>Chris Harding < c.harding@opengroup.org > 8/22/2004 8:49:18 AM >>>
Hi -

As discussed in the latest DIF teleconference, the 28-30 September Plugfest
will now include:
o discussion sessions on Open Source SAML Test Technology, and
o informal SAML testing

This is in addition to its original purpose of enabling certification of
LDAP-Enabled applications.

If your company produces products that use LDAP or SAML, you should be at
this plugfest!

Visit the Plugfest website at http://www.opengroup.org/dif/dc11/ for
further information, or contact me.


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