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Subject: RE: [security-services] Comments on core-2.0-cd-01

> We don't mention that there must be match on NameID (or equivalent) even
> though we do make this requirement in the paragraph above (Lines
> 2415-2417)for the more general case when the <LogoutRequest> arrives
> after the <Assertion>

Got it, thanks.

> Well the intro para for 8.3 says 'The following identifiers MAY be used in
> the Format attribute of the <NameID>, <NameIDPolicy> ....' so the opening
> is there to list it in this section.
> In that case, the title of the section could be massaged.

Missed that also, thanks. Probably should be cleaned up a bit. I would
suggest we drop the bit about NameIDPolicy there, and add text to the
NameIDPolicy definition that explains things better.

-- Scott

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