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security-services message

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Subject: Minutes for Focus Call, October 5, 2004


Eve Maler

Jeff Hodges

Andy Moir

Scott Keister

James Vanderbeek

Ari Kermaier

Rob Philpott

Greg Whitehouse

Raj Sodhi

Scott Cantor

Darren Platt

Rick Randall


1. InterOp Update


Jeff Hodges:


People interested in the interop should contact folks as indicated at the following





The tentative schedule is week of November 9, 2004. Additional information should be available at end of week.



looking into a resource to drive interop scenarios, answer by tomorrow.



main issue is to identify which profiles people will be ready to test against. Want to ensure that

people do not show up with different pieces of the specification implemented.


2. Comments on cd-02


(a) discussion on sstc-saml-2.0-application-samlassertion-registration-04.pdf uploaded

    Jeff has further submitted document to IESG.





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