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Subject: Review requested for Exec Overview

I have belatedly put a link to rev 02 of Paul Madsen's Executive 
Overview (from November) on the SSTC home page.


Please make a point of reviewing this document -- and even getting your 
execs to review it (given its intended audience)! -- and send comments 
in response to this message.  We will spend some time on next week's 
call discussing any issues that come up.  If anyone has existing text 
that should be considered as an addition, speak up now.

For my part, here are a few observations to get us started.  First, 
thanks to Paul for getting the doc to this point!  It's structured as a 
friendly FAQ, which is great.  We should strive to keep the responses as 
short and sweet as they are here.  The only major topic that I would 
like to see added (in the spirit of covering the "domain model") is the 
notion of asserting parties/authorities, so that we can say a bit about 
how "trust" is propagated by means of the resulting assertions.

Finally, I think we said we'd like this to be formatted in a pretty 
two-column fashion.  Are we still in agreement on that?  We probably 
want to remove or minimize the appearance of the heavy OASIS boilerplate 
so as to keep the page count down.

Eve Maler                                       eve.maler @ sun.com
Sun Microsystems Technology Partnerships       cell +1 781 354 9441

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