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security-services message

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Subject: Minutes of January 11, FOCUS conference call

Eve Maler
Rob Philpott
Ron Monzillo
Steve Anderson
Scott Cantor
Frederick Hirsch
Ari Kermaier
Greg Whitehead

1. Agenda bashing

Suggestion that supporting documents for SAML 2.0
should be discussed as part of the call:

(a) executive summary
(b) technical overview
(c) others

2. Discussion list topics:

a.       Conformance:

Prateek - updates are in place in conformance 3a.

b.       Greg - SLO processing rules

Greg, Scott - rules for session authority behavior
re-spun to SHOULD
from MUST reflects reality that session authority
implementation of 
logout has best-effort semantics. The session
authority may not be able
to logout the user from all relevant SPs but it is
required to report 
back all failures to the requesting SP. 

Greg, Scott - approach favors front-channel as that
provides maximum 
flexibility to the session authority. 


(a) technology overview - prateek to complete his
updates and send onto Eve by
end of week, eve suggests that he publish his new
version and hand-off token 
to her.

(b) SAML 1.1 meta-data - scott, grep re-affirm
interest in seeking CD status for this
document in the post-SAML 2.0 time-frame.

(c) Implementation guidelines - Charles Knouse was the
last owner but has changed
affiliation and is no longer active in this effort. We
need an owner for this document

4. Rob overviews CD-04 status, if vote succeeds we are
on track for January 15 submission. Please vote ASAP.

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