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Subject: Candidate 2.0 errata/erratum/corrigendum

Whatever, Latin's dead. Stuff what might be changed. Jahan, I'm copying you
becauser you were the last volunteer to compile and maintain a list.

A few small items floating about I'm aware of (thanks to Tom S for these

1. Clarifying metadata requirements in the various profiles. For example,
it's required by implication that if you support the Artifact binding for
some profile that your role descriptor also needs an
ArtifactResolutionService element, but this isn't stated anywhere.

2. Specifying the URL encoding supported by an HTTP Redirect binding
endpoint. It fell off my list to specify something for this, so we might add
an extension attribute to support this.

3. Clarifying that SAML 1.1 artifacts have no place or use in SAML 2.0.

Nothing that I see should hold up submission Friday, just wanted to track
them for later.

-- Scott

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