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Subject: X509 Authn-based Attr Sharing Profile Comments

Title: X509 Authn-based Attr Sharing Profile Comments

Rick, here are some comments on the X509 profile.
1.(section It seems appropriate that the IDP should decide what attributes are shareable and return them in a attribute query response.. Asking for the specific set each time is bound to impact performance and since we are authenticating the sender, it should not pose a security issue. The IDP should have a policy as to what is shareable with any given SP and provide them accordingly. I would propose to remove this section from the doc. Note if the AttributeQuery has an option of AttributeConsumingIndex similar to the AuthnRequest, that may have been used instead. However to specify all the attributes requested each time seems like it is unnecessary if a policy allows it.

2. The document does not discuss whether Attributes should be encrypted or not. Since the Assertion MUST be encrypted, perhaps it should say that Attributes SHOULD NOT or MUST NOT be encrypted.

3. Regarding digital signatures (sections and SAML in general usually allows for other ways to authenticate, etc... msgs when using a back channel binding (e.g., soap). Why can't this be used as well in this profile vs. having to use dig signatures. I assume that signing just the Assertion is not an alternative either?

4. you have the dig sig and encryption sections in different order in sections 1.3.1 and 1.3.2 (was that on purpose)?


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