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Subject: Re: [security-services] fyi: Approval of SAML v2.0 as an OASIS Standard

Jeff Hodges wrote on 3/9/2005, 8:10 PM:

 > so, SAMLv2 [1] is officially _done_.  Hurray!


 > But I digress -- getting SAMLv2 done and officially approved is a
 > worthwhile
 > milestone to have achieved, and I thank the many folks here in the
 > SSTC who've
 > worked hard to make it happen. Not the least of which is Scott Cantor.
 > Thank
 > you Scott! Also making significant hands-on contributions were Rob
 > Philpott and
 > Prateek Mishra (our erstwhile co-chairs), Tim Alsop, Conor Cahill,
 > John Hughes,
 > John Kemp, Frederick Hirsch, Paul Madsen, Eve Maler, Rebekah Metz,
 > Jahan Moreh,
 > and Rick Randall.

And Mr. Hodges himself.


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