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Subject: comments on sstc-saml-exec-overview-2.0-draft-04.pdf

I have some comments on this section -- refining the terminology..

 > Securing Web Services
 > SAML Assertions can be used as Security Tokens within SOAP Header blocks
 > in order to carry security and identity information between actors in

 > web service transactions. The SAML Token Profile of the OASIS

 > WS-Security TC specifies how SAML assertions should be packaged into the
   Web Services Security (WSS)

 > WS-Security <Security> element in an interoperable manner. The Liberty

 > Alliance's ID-Web Service Framework also uses SAML assertions as the

 > base security token format for enabling secure & privacy respecting
                                                 , and privacy-respecting,

 > access to identity-based web services.



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