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Subject: RE: [security-services] Some items for the errata for <LogoutRequest> ...

> 1.	In core line 2540 it says that "Reason" on the 
> LogoutRequest is "in the form of a URI reference".  However, 
> in the schema, the Reason attribute is type="string", not 
> type="anyURI".  All of the reason codes that we define (in 
> section 3.7.3 and are actually URI's, but I don't 
> recall whether it was set to string in the schema to allow 
> custom non-URI reasons.  In any case, since the schema 
> defines it as a string, we're stuck with that.  The text 
> should be changed to match the schema.

I disagree, I'd leave the text as is, and make the errata note that the
schema was in error and that implementations should treat the attribute as a
URI. It's not the only place we can't express constraints using XML Schema
alone, it just happens to be one that was by accident instead of due to XSD

-- Scott

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