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Subject: Re: [security-services] XPath Attribute Profile: XPath URI as a URN

Just to be pedantic at you guys, URIs are a superset that includes 
URLs and URNs.  These days we've all been trained to say "URI" when 
we likely mean "http URL" (much like "spokesman/spokesperson", I 
guess :-).

Regarding canonicalization of URIs, there's a huge section in the 
XPointer framework spec going over the implications of normalizing 
and encoding XPaths/XPointers in the context of a URI/IRI:


This spec also goes into how you figure out namespace context:



Rich Salz wrote:
>>(That problem is that XPath is a URI, which means it could be a URN but
>>no one has registered a urn for it)
> I'm not so sure.  For example, // has special meaning in XPath, and I
> believe URI/IRI canonicalization doesn't know that:
>         /foo/bar[position()=count(//foo/bar/baz)]
> And what about namespace prefixes?  XPath depends on surrounding
> context; URI's don't.
>         /r$

Eve Maler                                      eve.maler @ sun.com
Sun Microsystems - Business Alliances     x40976 / +1 425 947 4522

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