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Subject: SAMLv2.0 tutorial request


The LOOKING project (The Laboratory for the Ocean Observatory 
Knowledge INtegration Grid) is a NSF fund research project 
seeking to federate ocean observatories into an integrated 
knowledge grid, creating a cyberinfrastructure for supporting 
the work of instrumenting, analyzing, and modeling the world's 

LOOKING is seeking support for a SAMLv2 tutorial at UCSD. There 
are two candidates dates targeted; either May 3rd & 4th or 
mid September.

Matthew Arrott <matthew.arrott@novgp.com>, the Project Manager
and a member of the three-person Coordination Committee for 
LOOKING, is assembling this early meeting of the design and 
development teams, about 25 participants, with the aim of building
consensus on frameworks for resource management and identity
management. WS-Resource Framework is the other technology that 
is on the agenda for May 3rd & 4th (presented by Globus).

The SAMLv2 tutorial is slated at 6 hours of the two-day session.

Initially I thought I'd have the time to do this project. Now I 
don't. If you have the time and interest, please contact Matthew 

--Nick Ragouzis

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