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Subject: Re: [security-services] Is this profile part of SAML2 ?

Thanks to Darren and Rick for responding.

Okay, so I'll add a new list of links to the webpage, and also 
reorganize the categories in the repository to add a Proposed 
Profiles section.  (By the way, the categories in the repository 
only get exposed to OASIS members; people who access the public 
repository just see a flat list, unfortunately!)

Note that there's still the area on the webpage for profiles that 
people have simply asked us to note/"register", which category these 
two don't fall into.


Randall Rick wrote:
> hi Eve,
> I think your idea of a "proposed profiles" category makes a lot of sense.
> The last rev of the profile I am working on was uploaded to the 
> "Auxilliary Docs" category, and I do not think it belongs there.  A 
> separate category for proposed profiles really is needed.
>  ~ Rick
Eve Maler                                      eve.maler @ sun.com
Sun Microsystems - Business Alliances     x40976 / +1 425 947 4522

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