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Subject: RE: [security-services] XPath issues and resolutions

Glad I waited to read this again before I asked anything. The "error" that I
thought I saw about NameID was my misunderstanding that section, which also
answers the question I had about what document the XPath is supposed to be
referring to.

I guess my thoughts are that we may need to say *something* more than just
"the DocumentType and the NameID determine the document". It seems like this
maps naturally to cases in which the document type is a "service
identifier". Then you're looking up the service location for a given subject
to locate the document, which maps to Liberty well, and I assume would work
with UDDI (if not, well, something's wrong with UDDI). Actually using
examples for this might be useful (it is a profile, after all, so being
specific is good).

I guess I'm wondering if there isn't value in the case of "here's the
resource into which the XPath references", particularly in the query side,
since presumably the requester might be asking about a resource the AA has
access to but it doesn't. Is there any support for adding a profile-specific
Resource attribute to the <Attribute> element for saying "the XPath applies
to this resource specifically"?

(Aside, does WS-Addressing support URI-based referencing of WS resources? If
not, is there any chance this will be fixed?)

-- Scott

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