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Subject: RE: [security-services] Proposal to correct LDAP/X.500 profile attribute

Sorry for missing the call, was at a conference.

> 6.	A  variation on 2 and 3, which is to:
> a.	remove the x500:Encoding attribute and document that the LDAP
> encoding uses xsi:type string and base64Binary
> b.	document that other encodings should define new types

I don't hate it, but I guess my concern here is that I'd hate to just rule
out some other encoding using string or base64, moreso string. It's not just
the XML data type that's being outlined in there, it's also the transform
from LDAP syntax to XML. It's not impossible to imagine other such
transforms still leading to string.

I don't see a major advantage in that none of the options really fixes the
problem of how to change or replace the profile without disruption of SAML
2.0 specs, otherwise I would obviously concede to that one.

-- Scott

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