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Subject: Call for Presentations - OASIS Adoption Forum

A call for participation at the third annual...

OASIS Adoption Forum
Government, Business and the Citizen: Secure Interactions, Data Management
and Sector Applications

28-29 November 2006
London, United Kingdom
Submission Deadline:  31 August 2006

OASIS is now inviting proposals for talks and panel sessions on topics
related to one or more of the following aspects and would welcome proposals
for case studies on standards development and adoption in specific sectors,
such as aerospace, logistics, financial, health, insurance, and various
aspects of e-government applications...

	*	Interoperability and Open Standards for Secure Interactions
- Security and Interoperability 
- Open Standards in Security
- The Security Standards Landscape

	*	Identity Management and Case Studies
- The OASIS SAML Standard (ITU X.1141) as a Foundation for Identity
- SAML in the Real World: Identity Management Case Studies in areas like
e-government, education, healthcare, and justice/immigration...
- The Broader Context of Identity Management

	*	Access Control and Case Studies
- The OASIS XACML Standard (ITU X.1142) as a Foundation for Representing and
Evaluating Access Control Policies
- XACML in the Real World: Access Control Case Studies 
- The Broader Context for Access Control

	*	Security in Web Services and Case Studies
- Securing Access to Web Services
- Technical Foundation for Implementing Security Functions such as Integrity
and Confidentiality in Messages Implementing Higher-level Web Services

	*	Public Key Infrastructure (PKI):
- Employing Digital Certificates to Manage Access and Conduct e-Business
- Case Studies of PKI Implementation 

	*	ITU-T Recommendations:
- An ITU Perspective on X.1141 SAML and X.1142 XACML 
- Why These Identity and Authentication Standards will be Important Elements
for Secure Internet Transactions

	*	SOA and Security:
- How Security Fits into a SOA Framework
- Frameworks for Secure Information Exchange 
- Integrating Security into SOA Models and Blueprints

Presentation and Submission Details
The program committee will peer-review all proposals and reserves the right
to adapt or restructure proposals submitted to ensure an interesting and
compelling program. Presentations should be roughly 30 minutes long
including question and answer time.  Panel sessions should be roughly 60
minutes in length. Proposals for panels should include the topic, three to
four potential panelists (name and role) and proposed format (e.g. Q&A,
short presentations). OASIS will publish an online proceeding of the
Adoption Forum, so authors should arrange for any necessary releases prior
to submitting a proposal. 

Please submit your presentation proposal via our online form (available this
week) at www.oasis-open.org or to Jane Harnad (jane.harnad@oasis-open.org)
no later than 31 August 2006.  Any submissions received after that date will
be considered on a back-up basis only.  

All proposals should include the following details:
	*	Primary Contact (name, affiliation, email, phone, postal
	*	Full list of authors and/or additional presenters, if any 
	*	Brief biography (one paragraph) for all authors 
	*	A 2000 word extended abstract outlining the subject, title,
and the brief key points of your proposal or panel discussion 

All submissions will be acknowledged by 15 September 2006.

Thank you for considering a speaking role at our Adoption Forum. We look
forward to receiving your proposal! To learn more about the event, visit

Questions or comments? E-mail jane.harnad@oasis-open.org.

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