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Subject: Re: [security-services] SAML references

That's not true anymore -- all the SAML V2.0 docs, including the 
individual schema files, are in docs.oasis-open.org and are intended 
to be totally persistent.  But we only get those URLs once the files 
are OASIS Standard level, I think, so it's after the fact somewhat.

I had started to create a template document that people could use in 
starting new profiles and the like, but never really finished it. 
The idea was to provide an up-to-the-minute list of bibliography 
entries and namespace table rows, and you could delete the ones that 
didn't apply.

I sent my unfinished one to a couple of folks recently but maybe I 
should revitalize the whole thing and really do it right.  Now that 
I'm nearly done updating all the Technical Overview diagrams, I 
might as well take on another quixotic SAML-related action item, eh? 
  I'll have to weigh it against updating the SSTC site and doing the 
redline errata.

In all seriousness, actually, I would rank them this way; let me 
know if anyone disagrees:

Help get Tech Overview revision published
Revise SSTC site
Create (and maintain) spec template
Redline errata draft


Scott Cantor wrote:
>> Below is a first crack at such a list.  Comments and 
>> corrections are welcome.
> I don't think most of the URLs in the references should be to anything but
> the top level web site. I don't see them as stable, particularly into Kavi.
> If they are stable, then you could remove everything after the document
> number anyway as it's ignored.
> -- Scott
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